SRT TouringTM

The Mastercraft SRT Touring provides comfortable and quiet all-season performance. The SRT has many popular fitments for a wide range of modern passenger touring vehicles at a mid-level price.

V/H-Rated - 60,000 Mile Treadwear Protection (U.S. Only)
T-Rated - 65,000 Mile Treadwear Protection (U.S. Only)
Free 45-Day Road Test

5-Rib Tread Pattern with Lateral Grooves
The advanced 5-rib tread pattern has 20% more lateral grooves around the circumference of the tire from the past generation tire for increased wet and light snow traction.

Newly Developed Pitch Sequence
A newly developed pitch sequence coupled with the advanced tread pattern layout provides lower in-vehicle noise.

Circumferential Grooves
Four, wide circumferential grooves remove water from the tread footprint and allow the tire to resist hydroplaning. These grooves help maintain rubber to road contact.

Modern Tread Compound and Profile
The modern tread compound and tread profile provide even wear and a long tread life.

M + S Rated