Avenger M8TM

The Avenger M8 is an ultra high performance tire for the everyday driver. This is a W-rated tire line that brings performance, comfort, and quiet all together in one great product. With a slew of innovative technology and a 40,000 mile treadwear warranty, you are certain to get many miles of driving satisfaction out of this tire.

40,000 Mile Treadwear Protection Limited Warranty (U.S. Only)
Free 45-Day Road Test

Noise Sealing Rib
Solid shoulder rib acts as a "dam" to stop vibrations from expanding and keeping tire noise in check so that you have a comfortable ride.

"Elastic Bead" Sidewall Construction
The softer bead filler is a resilient material on top of the bead in the lower sidewall of the tire to provide a "softer" ride by absorbing vibration and road disturbances.

Wide Dual Center Rib
A solid and wider center rib tread design provides precision driving stability and steering response.

M+S Rated