Courser LTRTM

The Courser LTR is a light truck value design with excellent all-season performance at "value tire" cost. The Courser LTR has the size coverage for today's most popular vehicles

50,000 Treadwear Protection Limited Warranty (U.S. Only)
Free 45-Day Road Test

Modern All Terrain Design
The five-rib tread design creates a pattern of gripping edges that allows the tire to perform equally well on the road and off.

Wide Footprint / Dual Tread Arc
A wider tread footprint along with a dual radius tread arc, gives this tire uniform pressure distribution across the contact patch for even wear and consistent grip.

Modern Sidewall Styling
Available in outline white letter and outline black letter styling in specific sizes.

Contains the industry's top range of sizes to fill the replacement requirements for the most popular pick-ups, and vans used for commercial or recreational purposes.

M+S Rating